The global health crisis has caused damage worldwide to most businesses, big or small, due to either local restrictions imposed by the local governments or the collapse of the market in certain avenues and industries that are no longer profitable due to being seen as more of a costly luxury than a necessary service, such as cinemas or music festivals. And not just the entertainment industry but your brick and mortar locations and sewing factories to name a few.

However, opportunities will always appear where there’s a need and an audience for your product, regardless of how niche it is. This is why a lot music festivals have hosting online live events, through their own website, using streaming plugins, generating income through ads and subscriptions. Even local niche shops that sell handicraft products decided to invest in an online presence where their niche customers continue to have the ability to at least browse a rich catalogue of products that otherwise would have been restricted to a dusty warehouse.

Customer validation is a form of targeted marketing that proves to be a game changer.

Post pandemic, businesses are able to capitalize on digital marketing more than at any point in time. If your company is focused on direct approach and committed to building a strong relationship with your customers, then investing in an online presence will result in tangible rewards. If you had any doubts before of transitioning to the online medium, now is the perfect time to do so. It is the best option that you have to show customers that you do care and you do want to be there for them, while also respecting the health regulations in place and protecting them as much as possible.

Recent data also shows how more than 85% of customers today research a product online prior to deciding whether to buy it or not. Customers are not easily convinced anymore and they often look for a second opinion. Customer validation is a form of targeted marketing that is extremely difficult to achieve through physical means due to the obvious complexity of it. But do this online, and it’s going to be a game changer.


In addition, you can also develop your social media infrastructure as it can provide a better understand of your customers’ needs and behavior, as well as receiving feedback in a more digestible manner. Being socially active will also increase the exposure of your business.

The downside to a time where the online presence means everything, is that looks matter a whole lot more. Meaning if your website is poorly designed or looks like it’s not really been taken care of, your business will suffer. First impression in the age of digital marketing is everything, and while leads are easier to gain today, the actual conversion is tougher to obtain due to the fact that customers are also more demanding. The aesthetic appeal of your website therefore should be a top priority and if necessary, an overhaul should benefit from an initial moderate investment.

Post pandemic life suggests a serious recession and ignoring the benefits of digital marketing can prove to be quite detrimental if not severely dangerous to our society.

The pandemic has brought more awareness for digital marketing itself than all the marketing prior to it. People learn faster now out of necessity and are getting familiar with the benefits of online commerce and socializing. This has encouraged a lot of customers to adapt to a new era and it also allowed many companies to trust their employees a lot more in doing work from their own home.

And while all of this is great, there is still room for businesses to transition to the online medium. Post pandemic life suggests a serious recession and ignoring the benefits of digital marketing can prove to be quite detrimental if not severely dangerous to our society, the survival of many businesses being tested in the current socio-economical landscape. Take action now and get your business to a new level. 


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