Up until this point, web development was not an easy job, hence why it was always so costly depending on the platform the developer was working on. You needed people with the right set of skills, people that were patient and creative enough to understand your needs or grievances and provide the most efficient fix to your problems. Digital agencies like ourselves handled your issues by spreading out all incoming tasks to specific developers that we knew could solve the problem in the fastest time possible.

This was also available for web design and website creation, regardless if we’re talking static and dynamic websites made in WordPress or e-commerce websites made in WooCommerce or Magento. You needed both a good web developer but also a good web designer. And that’s where most of the costs were dedicated towards. However, with the AI boom in the recent years and it’s absolutely unprecedented rapid development, things are now becoming easier than ever for anyone to make a website.

Today, users have the ability to use AI-based tools to either improve or completely create web applications and websites tailored for their needs. On it’s own A.I. however can’t do much outside of what’s being directly given to him to do. Therefore, together with creative web developers or web designers, we poses a combined tool that offers the same quality faster and at much lower costs.

  1. But what is A.I. exactly and what does it do?
  2. AI’s role in web development
  3. Advantages of AI in web development
  4. Disadvantages of AI in web development
  5. The future of web development

1. But what is AI exactly and what does it do?

AI’s primar function is to arouse human cognitive processes enabling computers to think and execute like humans. This means that they basically recreate in real time whatever it is that it’s being commanded of them, as long as they have the understand of how to do it. This is why A.I. is actually split in two major categories. Narrow AIs are designed and train to perform specific tasks, such as pattern recognition or mathematical equations, whereas Generative AIs are trained to deal with tasks revolving around creativity and human intelligence, such as image and text creation.

In addition, we can also see a difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning, where ML involves training computers to learn from data and improve performance over time, while DL revolves around processing and interpreting data, resulting in an artificial human-like brain.

What this does for web developers and you as a client of a digital agency that engages with AI-based tools, is that it generates a lot of shortcuts by reducing the workload necessary to reach the same end-point.

2. AI’s role in web development

The main benefits of AI for web developers is that it can handle multiple tasks efficiently starting with automation, where AI can write code in half the time required for a developer, reducing the costs of creating any application or websites already by half from the standard entry-price. In addition, AI can perform additional testing to ensure that the website is free of bugs and errors. AI can also customize and personalize a website’s content with one that matches your desired demographic, so it can adapt and insert more engaging written or visual content in your website.

Platforms such as Wix and Shopify have already integrated several AI systems that help them not only develop a functional website incredibly fast but also handle some of the design aspects, including image and text generation based solely on the input of the designer.

AI can also optimize your website and can assist in fixing even the smaller issues were maybe the written text is not aligned properly or the logo of your brand is not visible enough. AI poseses the intelligence to observe these patterns and offer suggestions to optimize the looks of your website. In addition, AI can cover security, being introduced lately in most security plugins to detect breaching patterns faster and apply solutions on the fly, providing safety faster than ever for those in need. On short, AI can cover any creative task possible, human assistance being necessary only to polish and intervene in those unique scenarios where AI stumbled into a new problem which might take it a bit longer to completely process and interpret. This is where the human intervention is still needed, and why even with lower costs, you might still be dependent on web developers to fix your issues in the end.

3. The Advantages of AI In Web Development

The main advantage is that developers don’t need to spend hours on your end to generate the same repeated content and pursue the same mundane tasks anymore. This liberates them from certain pressures and allows them to dedicate their time in more creative areas of web development, while also reducing the costs for clients in need of quickly made websites. In addition, AI helps identifying bugs by being able to detect issues faster than human interference itself, negating the previous dependency on manual testing. Ai can also generate visual assets such as images or UI web elements, as well as written content tailored to your needs. Both of these can result in not so detailed raw products, but with the help of a final human intervention, they can polish AI generated content to a perfect state.

4. And That is Why There’s Also Disadvantages of AI in Web Development

For one, as I mentioned before, while AI generated content can definitely end up being serviceable, it does lack the human creativity and most of it does look like generated content, hence why the need of a final human touch to optimize whatever the AI has created. Another issues is that sometimes, explaining your needs to a machine can prove to be frustrating as well. This is still a young technology and AI still has much to learn, as good as it already is. Therefore the AI response can often be biased to pre-existing conditions, or completely miss the mark, resulting in wasting time by generating something that was never really asked of it. The good news however is that through human monitoring, most of these issues are solved, still resulting in major time skips for web developers, therefore cost cuts for you as a client.  

5. The Future of Web Development

Just like in our case, the future is clear. AI is here to stay and it will control most of our lives. Where that fits into web development services is pretty simple. We use AI to create websites and applications faster. We use AI to solve problems faster. We use AI to provide better assistance for your website. We use AI to generate needed content, written or visual. We use AI to maintain your website functional and detect possible issues faster than ever before. We use AI to make both yours and our lives easier. And we also use humans because human assistance is still needed. Everyone gains something from the use of AIs. Clients gain reduced costs, web developers and web agencies gain reduced time investment, allowing them to offer faster services to an ever larger portfolio of clients than ever before.

AI is filled with opportunities and we’re not even halfway through understanding how much AI can do. Websites have evolved to a point where everything became so overly complicated and just when you thought “maybe, it’s too much of a headache to manage one”, AI has come to the rescue. Integration of AI is absolutely necessary at this point for any digital agency that wants to retain it’s customers and grow further. Regardless of the possible setbacks, it is impossible to ignore the benefits it brings in the process of web design and web development. Stunning creative websites are now just around the corner at a lower cost than ever.