Most new businesses or individuals from any background that want to create a new website gravitate towards WordPress for already known reasons. It’s an accessible CMS platform, with an easy to navigate menu, it’s free, it’s open-source, and it’s full of useful plugins that can help anyone in creating their preferred website.

This is where website builders help in offering the best possible solution to creating a new website or shop without the need of an experienced coder if the requirements for such a web application are kept within a standardized threshold. Most of the builders around are free to use and the best one at this hour is definitely Elementor for WordPress.

Elementor for WordPress offers a drag-and-drop page builder that makes it much easier to design your own online corner of the world. The plugin itself was mainly created for web designers and marketers that have no code experience but still manage to understand the basics of HTML/CSS. That being said, you can still design the website that you want without having such knowledge by dedicating a bit more time to understand all the features and widgets that Elementor uses. Another benefit of using Elementor is that it is already a responsive builder that can create a mobile-friendly and speedy frontend for your website.

But there is an even bigger appeal for Elementor and that is it’s Pro variant. Which is yes, it’s paid variant. But hear me out as it is extremely useful in creating something really unique and tailored to your express imagination. Elementor Pro offers access to so many useful tools that it is one of the best online offerings I’ve seen when it comes to updating an already stable and useful free builder.

First, you have full customization for your theme builder, meaning you can customize each and ever little crank of your website, with limitless options in both design and functionality. You can create and edit new templates or modify existing ones through Elementor’s widgets. You can fully customize, without any restrictions, you website’s header, footer, search results, products, blog pages, and so on, without any impediment to what can be achieved.

In addition, Elementor Pro offers more than 100 widgets which allow your to add more features to your pages, from specific pricing tables and galleries to animated headlines and various adapted lotties. The multitude of available templates can also help you create faster entire pages, pricing tables, as well as individual blocks with just a few clicks.

You can also freely attach any subscription forms and contact forms you like, without ever needing to install a new plugin, benefitting from the opportunity to view your submissions directly in WordPress admin, a feature that is not really present for most of the other free plugins you would normally install. And if there’s a need to highlight your CTAs, you have a library of scrolling and mouse effects that include animations and parallax effects, to add a bit more shine and depth to your website.

Lastly, and probably the most important feature of Elementor Pro, is that you get all the features you need, including the smooth integration of WooCommerce and Emails, into a final package that avoids the need to install additional plugins and widgets, keeping your website not only cleaner but also delivering better optimization on both mobile and desktop, all whilist being very easy to update and maintain, keeping your costs lower in the long-term!