Opinions towards this social media Mammoth vary from enthusiastic to dismissive, from being a fan to being indifferent. Or, actually, wasn’t this yesterday’s picture?

Still, if you’re not a Facebook fan, you may be one of the few, as the network is too big to ignore. For some companies, depending on their business field, the comments posted on this platform easily outweigh referrals, and sometimes appointments with clients that come exclusively through this channel materialize.

However, depending on your target audience, sometimes Facebook may not be the place you should concentrate your efforts. Usually, social media steers potential prospects towards a more informative point of entry: your website. But one thing is certain: you need to be on Facebook! It provides an out-of-the-box, cost effective platform for interaction with your clients. And depending on your individual needs, you can use more or less of the features it offers.

Here are the elements a Facebook page must have on display, to sustain the credibility of your business:
• Details about your company’s activity;
• Contact information;
• Testimonials;
• Pictures and videos of projects;
• Current offers.

May your page bring you the prospects you are looking for!

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